Hawks vs Falcons Vs Eagles

My name is Joe Wengert.
I live in Los Angeles.
I work for the Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center.
I perform improv every Monday night at the UCB with "The Smokes."
I also enjoy writing and performing stand up comedy.
I am interested in collecting collages, drawings, photos, and videos depicting these majestic birds of prey battling each other.
I will eventually neglect this blog.
Sep 09
Jun 03

You could get sad about Rue McClanahan…..or you could watch this video of me as a confused frozen yogurt shop manager talking to his staff of high school girls from Comedy Death Ray.

Jan 28

Here is a ten minute set I did at Crash Bar back in December.

For folks in LA, I’ll be doing a show called “Comrockery” on Sunday starting at 8 pm - All Star Lanes 4459 Eagle Rock Blvd.

There will be bands and comics. Plus it’s at a bowling alley. This is a taco truck short of everything you need on a Sunday night.


Here’s a video written by Zoe Jarman that I am in with her and Sean Clements.

I worked on this character for seven months.

Aug 18

Here is my set from Crash Test at UCB-LA on Monday August 17th.

FUN FACT: Since I flew in only hours before after a week of drinking too much and little sleep, I am actually asleep for this entire performance.

Aug 13

Here is me doing stand up comedy at the UCB in New York City. This is a great caption.

Aug 03

Ridiculous movie names and ridiculous people names?! This is right up my alley. I love this.



Videos like this is why the Internet was invented.

[via anthonyking]

So much work clearly went into this. I love it so.
Jul 31

This is a video I wrote that the NY division of UCBComedy did an awesome job with.

Kula performed this with me at CDR Sketch in LA, and independent of that knowledge, Will Hines cast the Kula-esque Tim Martin in the same part. WEEEEEIRD.

Jul 30

UCB Comedy parody of the Orphan trailer - written by Courtney Pape & Directed by Harrison Brown

Jul 04
Independence Day BBQ - watch more funny videos

I wrote and shot this with Kula and Appel at Funny or Die yesterday.

In memory of Bill Paxton….Pullman! Bill Pullman